Mike Persons Versus Mike Morales Ends In a Majority Draw at GKO 8

15094407_1495177713843879_5928026914118493346_nHearing of a mixed martial artist from Stockton using their fingers during a fight conjures up a much different image than a premature ending, which was the case on November 19, 2016 when ‘Big’ Mike Persons (8-3-1) poked Mike ‘Chunk’ Morales (5-5-1) in the eye at GKO 8 and caused the cage side physicians to call an end to the middleweight contest.

While Persons sought to add to his win-streak with a second straight TKO and Morales hoped to snap the possibility of stringing two losses together, neither was granted their wishes. As the final seconds from round-two disappeared from the clock, Persons opened up his Skrap Pack boxing skills, sharpened behind the walls of Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, though in the fingers and not in combination. Unfortunately, Morales, the product of Iron Pit Fight Team in Susanville, California, nearly needed a glass eye after eating a ‘Big’ finger with his pupil.

Upon inspection between rounds two and three, the doctors determined the damage inflicted would prevent Morales from continuing. Splitting one round apiece, the judges’ scorecards determined this 185-pound matchup was a majority draw.


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