Jose Aguayo Dominates In His Pro Debut at GKO 8

15078597_1494920920536225_8870902653226630601_nBy @DaveMMAdden

Global Knockout (GKO) 8 on November 19, 2016 was Jose Aguayo’s professional debut in MMA against Rico Rough, though his performance portrayed a veteran savvy.

The smooth Stockton boxing style associated with Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu unraveled into wild haymakers from Aguayo after a momentary feeling out process. Rough pumped the brakes on Aguayo’s assault by slamming him to the canvas.

Once on the ground, the slick submission skills of Aguayo pixelated before everyone’s eyes inside the Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort’s Grand Oak Ballroom. While Rough squirmed in Aguayo’s guard, his arm dangled like a tasty morsel. Although Rough forced off the initial armbar 15181128_1494921140536203_8623911119562689256_nattempt, he, for some unknown reason, followed Aguayo back into his guard.

As if carbon-copied from moments before, Rough made a rookie decision to replace his arm into danger. Demonstrating his expertise in learning from mistakes, Aguayo wouldn’t be denied again.

At 2:22 into round 1, Rough’s tap preserved the displacement of any bones, muscle tissue, and tendons. The jaws of Northern California’s fight fans dropped like lead bricks after witnessing Aguayo, a fresh face at featherweight, start his development as a professional mixed martial artist.

Watch Aguayo’s debut at GKO 8 for yourself:


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