Conquer Fighting Championships: A Welcomed Return to Northern California In March 2017

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-9-32-21-pmSince grabbing the attention of MMA enthusiasts surrounding Northern California in 2015 (CFC 1) and drawing them in closer in 2016 (CFC 2), the executives of Conquer Fighting Championships (CFC), one-year after the promotion’s inception, have readied the region for CFC 3 on March 18, 2017:


The glass walls of the Craneway Pavilion, home to CFC’s cage, don’t need to glow like a crystal ball for a safe prediction of CFC 3’s success. With all the additions CFC added in their sophomore showing, such as: Go Fight Live streaming their event, play-by-play commentary with the hosts of MMA Junkie Radio—‘Gorgeous’ George Garcia and Brian ‘Goze’ Garci, and an arena packed with local legends, fight fans will want to be in attendance to ensure a singular moment isn’t missed.

Be sure to follow CFC for information and updates to CFC 3:


Instagram: @conquerfighting


Twitter: @conquerfighting


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