Cage Combat Fighting Championship: An Amateur 10-Year Celebration

14680926_892943320836849_6069895597964350280_o-1The only thing amateur about the Contender Series at Cage Combat Fighting Championships (Cage Combat FC) are the 14 pairs of mixed martial artists scheduled to battle. On December 3, 2016, walkout music, the ring announcer’s booming voice, and raucous cheers celebrate two things: a phenomenal evening of developmental MMA and ten-years of constructing CCFC’s steel compound in Northern California.

According to (link here), the fight card includes:

Brandon Estrada vs. Harris Bowman in the welterweight division.

Peter Ishiquro vs. Juan Elias in the featherweight division.

Ronald Davis vs. Shane Keefe in the lightweight division.

Nicholas Rapcorn vs. Erik Aguilar in the lightweight division.

Caleb Leichliter vs. Jorge Carrasco in the middleweight division.

Maritza Sanchez vs. Arlene Culbreth in the featherweight division.

Maques Jones vs. Jaime Mora Munoz in the bantamweight division.

Jonathan Sellers vs. Eric Helm in the lightweight division.

Reggie Evans vs. Samuel Romero in the welterweight division.

Noe Flores vs. Ezequiel Pacheco in the light heavyweight division.

Dwight Maters vs. Dyllan Snavely in the heavyweight division.

Adrian Contreras vs. Hyder Amil in the featherweight division.

Diego Lopez vs. Alan Benson in the middleweight division.

Raymond Lopez vs. Lucas Gubbins in the welterweight division.

(Fight card and bout order are subject to change.)

Doors to the Solano Fairground in Vallejo open at 5 pm, and fight fans, at that time, may begin filling available seats. By the opening bell’s call to arms at 6 pm, the chairs will be cleared with everyone in attendance standing and cheering , just as has occurred for the past decade at Cage Combat FC.


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