GKO 8: Recap and Results

15129001_1488277321200585_8297829294625586102_oFive out of seven bouts at Global Knockout (GKO) 8 required the opinions of cage side judges, but the scorecards of those inside Jackson Rancheria Casino and Hotel’s Grand Oak Ballroom, based on the decibel levels, were unanimous: GKO, and the mixed martial artists they contracted on November 19, 2016, delivered a mosaic of sporting entertainment.

There was an eerie silence when the opposing corners of combatants were released by the bell, but once leather began flying, the buzz intensified, until a main event crescendo and crowing of a new flyweight champ at GKO.

Main Event: Josh ‘King of Diamonds’ Paiva (8-2) vs Joseph ‘Bopo’ Morales (7-0) for the vacant GKO Flyweight Title

The resume Paiva has compiled, before linking with MMAGOLD to further his journey for 125-15036318_1298971720124987_914240071335619281_npound supremacy, led pundits to favor him when facing Team Alpha Male’s Morales. Round after round, Morales revelaed his readiness to write a new chapter in GKO’s flyweight history books at GKO 8.

Paiva lawlessly launched himself into each round, attempting to impose his will, except Morales responded with reversals equivalent to a magician’s flick of the wrist. Positions Paiva was accustomed to grinding opponents into powder didn’t shape out as such. Particularly, the triangles Morales drew from blank space posted a stop sign on any further progress from Paiva. Moments with the advantage transformed, using flawless technique, to moments of survival for both competitors; unfortunately, Paiva wound up on the wrong side of the coin with almost every flip of a five-minute segment.

In the end, the judges awarded Morales the unanimous decision and residency of GKO’s flyweight belt. In conjunction, the brass at GKO spotlighted the performance of both athletes, compensating their efforts with a Fight of the Night bonus.

Co-Main Event: Buddy Wallace (12-6) vs Angelo ‘Baby Monsta’ Trevino (3-2)

For any rookies at the professional ranks who believe they can saunter in and claim territory at the top of their respective division’s heap, the script written between Trevino and Wallace at GKO 8 outlines why such a mindset is: easier said than done.

15085642_1298971663458326_7852080595431613243_nTrevino’s initial sequence would have waned the spirits of most welterweights. After seconds disappeared from the clock, the born-and-bred byproduct of Team Alpha Male hoisted Wallace above his head and placed the veteran from Last Stand Fight Team flat on his back. The energy from the slam rattled the seats around the cage, and it would have done the same to the nerves of anyone with less experience than Wallace. Utilizing his wily wisdom, Wallace turned Trevino’s aggressiveness against him in the second round. A window opened for Wallace to shoot a takedown, and the air in Trevino’s attack, soon after hitting GKO’s lava-red mat, melted away.

Wallace wasted no time in mounting Trevino and landing a heavy shot, causing the youngster to turn his back and expose his neck. The craftiness and killer instincts of Wallace collected the rear naked choke conclusion, as well as Submission of the Night honors.

Other Notable Bout: Cynthia Calvillo (2-0) vs Gillian Robertson (1-2)

Well trained in their lairs, Team Alpha Male’s Calvillo and American Top Team’s Robertson evidenced their preparation to uncork and absorb considerable punishment at GKO 8.

The claws of both Calvillo and Robertson jutted from their four-ounce gloves, and the crowd15056292_1298971530125006_116590931280035344_n purred with delight during their exchanges. Trading tit-for-tat for fifteen minutes, Calvillo’s extra curricular wrestling skillset and crisper boxing tallied the scorecards in her favor.

Since the lone pair of ladies on GKO 8’s fight card reinforced the tenacity and competitiveness in women’s MMA, repaying them with applause alone wasn’t enough; therefore, the governing body at GKO opted to serve Calvillo and Robertson a Fight of the Night bonus on a silver platter.

GKO 8 Results Include:

Joseph Morales defeated Josh Paiva by way of unanimous decision.

Buddy Wallace defeated Angelo Trevino in round 2 by way of rear naked choke.

Tyler Diamond defeated Cody Walker by way of unanimous decision.

Cynthia Calvillo defeated Gillian Robertson by way of unanimous decision.

The bout between Mike Persons and Mike Morales was scored a majority draw.

Stephen Cervantes defeated Edward Thommes by way of unanimous decision.

Jose Aguayo defeated Rico Rough in round 1 by way of armbar.

Once the chill of winter subsides, GKO is scheduled to heat up the Northern California’s MMA community in the spring when the promotion wakes from its hibernation in March for GKO 9. Be sure to follow GKO for updates:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/GlobalKnockout

Instagram: @globalknockout

Twitter: @GlobalKnockout

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/GlobalKnockout


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